Nalley Toyota of Roswell - Frank Chiodo, owner, poitential new sale

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I have owned 6 toyotas in my like, 2 Celica Gt's, 2 Camrys, and 2 4 Runners.I am satisfied with the vehicles, but...

I have been trying to purchase a new 4 Runner and trading in my current fore Runner. On Monday, I wnet into Nalley Toyota in Roswell, GA The sales man was helpful, he knew me from before. After discussions, he sent me a couple of offers on a vehicle that I would like. By Thursday evening we had come to an agreement 4 Runner, List price $ 38,500.

They discounted it, and then gave me a 14,000 trade in. The "Out the door price was $ 20,000. I went over to complete the deal Friday May 31. I wound up sitting and getting very little help.

Not much in answers. I left expecting a call back. I did not get one. I wrote sevaral e-mails and made calls to Corey the salesman, Rob Gagliardi the General manager and someone names P Oliver.

No return calls, Finnaly I wrote another e0mail that was not complimentary. I received a call from another General manager on Sunday (Mike Wright). He was going to see what he could do. He came back with a 4 runner that had a sticker price of $ 41,000 (had features I did not want.

He discounted it and then allowed me $ 7500 for my 2007 fore runner. Bottom line is $ 29,000 out the door. This is about a $7000 difference from what I was offered. Not sure why, I do not think I am being dealt with very fairly.

PS I bought a new Camry at the same dealer for my wife a year ago. IT was $ 36000.

Is Toyoyta or Nalley in particular trying to drvie me into buying a Honda Pilot or maybe a Hyundai???????Frank Chiodo,, 678-494-9366

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Nalley Toyota of Roswell - This dealer does not send me documents

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Update by user Nov 23, 2012

This dealer is based on Alpharetta, GA.

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I am looking to register my vehicle in some other state than where I have purchased it. I have been trying since long to send me the required documents for registration. They are totally ignoring me. They are neither responding my emails nor they are receiving my calls.

They talked so nice when I bought a car from their shop. Now, when time came I need the documents, they are not responding to me through any medium. You guys gotta focus on customer problems, not only the money of the customer. Please improve your way of handling the customer's issues.

I am very unhappy with this dealer.

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